Empowering your sales team

Provide your sales force with instant access to your full marketing arsenal

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What is Padforce?

Padforce is the frictionless way to improve the efficiency of your sales team through the tablets they are already using. Our cloud based CMS and gorgeous mobile app creates a seamless communication channel between you and your team in the field by connecting them in real time with the assets they need to close their sales.

Materials effortless

Empower Your Sales Force

Quit emailing new materials to your team or worse, emailing bulky amounts of paper materials. Padforce allows you to distribute your materials effortlessly, while allowing your sales team to provide feedback quickly on how it’s performing in the field.

Easy manage

Content Freedom for All

What’s your preference? PDFs, HD Video, High Res Images, etc.? The key to a good sale is getting the right content in front of your customers' eyes. Padforce allows you to upload and manage all types of rich media to help your sales team make the most compelling case possible.

Create customized packages

Command Center On Your Desktop

With PadForce you’re in control. You can decide what your sales force has access to within the app. Do you have different sales teams? No problem. It’s easy to distribute content based on teams.

Specific solution

One Size Won't Fit All

No two sales forces are alike. Padforce can do a lot off the shelf, but every now and then it needs something specific to you. Not a problem. Our enterprise solutions are here to save the day.

To learn more about our enterprise solutions for Padforce just contact us.

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